If your priority is to boost your vehicle’s performance and drivability then we’re the experts to talk to. With software especially written for your vehicle and your specific requirements, we’re confident you’ll be delighted with the new lease of life we’ll give your vehicle.

In fact, we’re so confident we guarantee it; we offer a full money back guarantee if, after 7 days, you’re not totally delighted with the improvements after our remap.

We are based in the Broadwater area of Worthing but we’re happy to come to your home or workplace to make your new remap as easy as possible.


We replace the existing ‘instructions’ contained on the software loaded onto your vehicle’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that control your engine’s settings with new ones through loading new software onto the ECU.

We analyse your vehicle’s current software, then write a new version with altered engine settings such as fuel/air mixture and ignition timing based on your exact vehicle type and your particular performance requirements. 

We’re careful only to increase power to a level your engine and transmission can cope with, so future reliability isn’t affected. 


Air/fuel ratio (AFR) – it’s important the air and fuel mixture is at its optimum at all times. Too rich (more fuel) or too weak (more air) will make for poor performance and could affect emissions performance that can cause MOT failure.

Turbo boost pressure – if fitted, the turbo boost pressure is altered in a way that improves power delivery and responsiveness but avoids settings that could damage the turbo or its compressor by placing excessive demands on it.

Exhaust gas temperature (EGT) – a top class remap such as ours avoids letting exhaust gas temperatures exceed accepted levels. EGTs inevitably rise when aspects such as turbo boost pressures are increased; our remap keeps them under control.

Injector Duty Cycles (IDC) – we ascertain whether your fuel injectors have any more capacity to supply fuel at a faster rate than standard to the engine. We’d never run the risk of the hardware (in this case the injectors) failing because new ECU software places over-heavy demands on them.

We’re responsible and well respected remap specialists highly experienced in creating bespoke ECU remaps for many vehicle types; call now to discuss your needs.

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If you are not entirely happy with our software we will reimburse you.

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Create a much more responsive, fuel efficient and smoother running vehicle.

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More horse power, quicker throttle response and lower fuel consumption.

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