Request a NXT Gearbox tune, where precision engineering and cutting-edge technology come together to deliver a driving experience like no other. Your vehicle’s gearbox is a critical component that plays a vital role in transferring power from the engine to the wheels, and its performance can have a significant impact on your driving experience.

At our gearbox tuning company, we specialize in optimizing the performance of your vehicle’s gearbox through expert tuning and calibration. Our team of experienced technicians uses advanced tools and software to fine-tune your gearbox settings, ensuring that your vehicle delivers maximum power, torque, and responsiveness.

Our gearbox tuning services are designed to improve your vehicle’s acceleration, responsiveness, and overall driving dynamics, while also enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing wear and tear on your gearbox

Why Choose a JSR Gearbox Tuning Service?

  • Up to 70% faster shift changes
  • Increased power and torque
  • Smoother and quicker gear changes
  • More efficiency and economy as less power is lost in transmission
  • More responsive tiptronic or paddle shifts (where fitted)
  • Adjusted minimum and maximum rpm for up and down shifts

Experience Smoother Gear Shifts With Gear Box Tuning!

At JSR we are experienced in various automatic gearbox types including DSG, S-Tronic, R-Tronic, Tiptronic and more. We’d be happy to discuss your specific vehicle and gearbox type and advise on the best Gearbox Tuning Service options

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If you are not entirely happy with our software we will reimburse you.

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ECU Remapping

Create a much more responsive, fuel efficient and smoother running vehicle.

DPF & EGR Solutions

More horse power, quicker throttle response and lower fuel consumption.

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